Welcome to Cheshire Tree Surgeons

We care for trees and provide professional tree care to our clients.

As independent specialist tree consultants and contractors, we can help guide clients through the planning process, tree risk assessment, homebuyers surveys for mortgage and insurance, land pre-purchase surveys, post property damage investigations as well as making Tree Preservation Orders and Conservation Area applications.

We even provide a quick and absolutely free online consultation to identify a tree problem to help you to begin to address that problem.

Clients in Cheshire can buy a copy of Tree Morphogenesis book 1 for £30 and I will personally deliver it myself. While there we could walk around your grounds and discuss any issues that you may be having with your trees in an informal consultation, without obligation.

All I ask is that you really do take the time to read my book for yourself. Do it specifically to deepen your own understanding and intensify your relationship with the trees in your life. Once you understand them in the fundamental ways that I explain in the book, you will see them differently than you do now and become better informed and therefore more effective custodians of truly long lived trees as a result.

Vincat Arborem - Let Trees Win