Cheshire Tree Surgeons was established early in 1985. Cheshire Arboriculture later became the consultancy arm providing a prompt high quality advice and guidance for our clients.

Established by David Lloyd-Jones in 1990, Cheshire Arboriculture is a Cheshire based tree consultancy serving clients across the country. David has 30+ years experience as a contractor and consultant. He has recently published Tree Morphogenesis book 1 - Reduction Via Thinning Theory and the newly released research presented in that book are the principles on which our tree management services are designed.

David has attained the Technicians Certificate in Arboriculture from the Arboricultural Association (Tech Cert Arbor A.) and has been successfully examined by the Consulting Arborists Society to provide Expert Witness, Homebuyers Tree Reports, Tree Valuation and BS5837 reports for property development purposes.

Why choose Cheshire Arboriculture as your tree consultants

  • Quality
  • Professionalism
  • Insight
  • Value
  • Legacy

As an independent consultancy business, Cheshire Arboriculture provides professional representation on all tree related issues.

We focus on understanding your requirements in order to provide the clarity and longsighted design that you need to apply to trees.

We are your custodian partners. The legacy we seek to leave is enhanced tree understanding, diversity and longevity of the trees and woodlands of the clients that we work with.