Energised Alert – Electrical Sensor

The Energised Alert is a new device that senses a rise in the electrical potential of a vehicle or machine to which it is attached, before setting off an alarm.

Now nearing production following an Innovation Fund Incentive grant from four Electricity Companies, we hope that this device will soon be able to intercept accidents in the making and by doing so, save lives.

In use, The Energised Alert continually sensitises workers by highlighting each and every near miss. A near miss would be when electricity escaped the transmission infrastructure into an adjacent machine or vehicle that is isolated from the ground but where nobody was unlucky enough to be hurt. Such incidents represent opportunities for workers to learn by their mistakes but currently (without the Energised Alert fitted), they go almost un-noticed with any potential learning opportunities missed.,

This device seals a gap in human senses because electricity is a deadly but invisible force that only becomes evident when it finds a path to earth. The obvious intention of deploying this device is to give adjacent operatives enough information to help them to avoid completing the circuit to ground and continually reinforce operative respect for the electricity transmission infrastructure.

There is a 2 minute animation on www.EnergisedAlert.co.uk that shows what this device does.