Landscaping for Schools

Activity landscaping Design Guidance Book For School Children at Key Stage Two

We have helped schools with all aspects of implementation from fundraising to publicizing including more recently an interactive design process wherein we actually took the pupils of various schools for design classes and then discussing and developing their basic designs before building them. This got the pupils actively involved and taught them valuable lessons in safe design and use. The playground policies that we developed were usually very safety conscious and because the children were generating them, they were very likely to be implemented!

All Schools can Request our Free Activity Landscaping Design Guidance Booklet by clicking here.

Landscaping is not something that children at school often get an opportunity to try. Our guidance booklet will give them this chance and open their eyes to this activity but also career prospect. While in education students are encouraged to try and achieve their goals, which could be anything from going to university, doing a vocational course or getting an online education. We believe it is important that children are aware of all the career paths available to them, so by showing them this they will be aware of it as an option.

The 140 or so projects that we have undertaken in the past 15 years and the recent interactive design process have given the insight necessary to draw up our latest product, the "Activity Landscaping" Design Guidance Notes, from which the spider diagram on the right, is taken.

To support this product we are undertaking inset teacher training and any schools buying the guidance notes also have the facility to refer to the author. This remote presence made possible by the internet gets David Lloyd-Jones on line as a consultant to advise on specific design issues.

We will gladly quote for projects within the North West and Midlands of England, and can also supply guidance notes to allow schools to manage projects in other parts of the country.

Contractors interested in using Cheshire Tree Surgeons "Activity Landscaping" guidance notes to market their arisings to the schools in their area should e-mail us.