Our Ethos

Working with trees changes you. It certainly changed me and gave me a way to express myself professionally in ways that I can not imagine any other profession would have so I do feel blessed to have found Arboriculture. The challenges keep me interested and the attendant risks constantly remind me how precious life is.

Trees have shown me things! In turn I have started to show others in my first book "Tree Morphogenesis book 1 Reduction Via Thinning Theory" explaining "Simulated Wind Pruning". The reactions that I have received from tree owners and especially other Arborists who have read it have been fantastic and have encouraged me to get on with writing book 2 (expected early 2017) .

Tree care has given me an amazing life. The books published and in production are how I am beginning to repay trees for the huge debt that I feel towards them.

Best Advice is what we deliver even if that advice is to do nothing but enjoy your tree. That ethos seems to result in lots of confident referrals because quite simply, we won't make up work that you don't need.

Our fiercest critic is the person from whom we have most to learn. So if you have any concerns about anything we have done for you (it does happen, every now and then), you can expect us to be extremely interested and ready to accept anything that we have done wrong specifically so that we can take every lesson from it.

Most importantly all of our services from contracting to consultancy always try to make sure that you have enough information to lead you to a truly informed decision about the future of your trees or woodlands. We see it as our job to help you to develop your understanding of your trees, (the biggest pets you will ever own), so that you will always get the best out of them, for them and for you. It truly starts with understanding them and how they are designed by their long 500 million year evolution.