Tree Advice Cheshire

Tree Advice from is possibly the easiest way that you can get a quick and completely free opinion from a fully qualified and internationally recognised tree consultant. Just send a picture and a question about your tree to and see what comes back. is the web presence of Cheshire Arboriculture . Cheshire Arboriculture is in turn the consulting arm of Cheshire Tree Surgeons and that company has been providing professional opinions on trees and planning matters as well as professional, sympathetic ad considerate tree management for 32 years.

Based in Cheshire but active all over most of the UK, we have been providing professional tree care to the people of Cheshire and well beyond throughout that time.

Recently our advice on trees became pro-active in that we have published a book explaining for the first time about Tree Morphogenesis and that book is changing the way that people look at trees with valuable information that will help to transform and intensify a tree owners relationship with their trees based on new understanding.

One client who read Tree Morphogenesis book 1and then engaged Cheshire Tree Surgeons to carry out the works that she decided were necessary, said this....

"I came across David Lloyd-Jones and his slightly different approach to tree work. This book explains, in a jargon-free but scientifically supported way, how to understand what your trees need and how to shape them sympathetically so they maintain or re-develop their natural beauty. Although a tree surgeon who performs all work on trees, the author is clearly invested in the health and beauty of trees, advising on their effective management even if that results in no work: he provides "Best Advice", a rare commodity these days, when everyone seems to want to sell you their service irrespective of whether it's the right thing or not. I now feel able to ask informed questions of anyone who quotes for working on our trees so that our trees become an even greater asset, rather than a liability, to our property."

Trees have given us a fantastic professional life and abiding interest and while working on trees I have raised my family. That means that I owe a great debt to trees and the Tree Morphogenesis project is one way that I am trying to repay the debt that I feel I owe to trees.

Best of all, you can get the book on Kindle (occasionally on free download), or in hard copy but if you engage Cheshire Tree Surgeons for tree works or Cheshire Arboriculture for professional tree consultancy or advice, we would deduct the cost of the book from our invoice. That would make Tree Morphogenesis our gift to you.

We help clients across the country but given where we are we certainly help people with tree care and understanding in Cheshire and specifically Knutsford, Wilmslow, Prestbuty, Macclesfield, Warrington, Chester, Northwich, Middlewich, Vale Royal, South Manchester, The Wirral and Liverpool.

We provide support and guidance through Property Planning Applications or Planning Appeals. Our Property Development tree reports follow simple and efficient protocols that guide you and your architect as well as satisfying the requirements of your local Planning Department.

We have developed our own unique approach to Post Property Damage Investigations which we undertake with Structural Engineers for Insurance Companies and provide this service nationwide.

We provide Tree Reports for Mortgage and insurance requirements. Buying a property is one of the most expensive things that we buy and trees can and do affect property values by affecting the structural fabric of a property, so getting professional advice and guidance at that point in your financial future is recommended. We usually deliver these reports within 2 working days.

We provide Tree Condition surveys to inform Tree Management in the foreseeable future.

We also provide Tree Management surveys to specify how your trees will be creatively and positively managed into the future.

What we always aim to provide in our Tree Reports is, enough information to guide you to a truly informed decision.

We always provide "Best Advice" even if that costs us revenue because we have specified no work required. The reason is simple, Tree Advice and Tree Care are not our job, they are instead our vocation and therefore is something that we will do for life. So the client that we save from unnecessary or simply wrong tree care, regularly recommend us to their friends who are looking for effective, sympathetic and ethical tree management.

Trees are the biggest pets you will ever own and you are their responsible custodian. If you like me want to be remembered for preserving trees using insightful tree care, then we would like to have the change to give you some new and innovative insights into your trees and then have the chance to make us your go to tree care and understanding providers.